Vaughn Wolff

Vaughn Wolff

Phone: (206)207-1223

It’s been said that I am easy to talk to, I love extroverts and introverts alike and have the confidence to get along beautifully with all personality types.

My sweet demeanor is only matched by my creative mind. Some people have expressed surprise at how someone as approachable as me can flip the switch on so completely. I can’t explain that gift, I can only be there with you to surf that wave.

An artist and musician, I am an open-minded flirt, free spirit and love being someone’s bright spot. Film, leatherworking, travel and of course, coffee to fuel my many avocations and projects.

Let’s chat and figure out our shared interests.

Please have two provider phones numbers/emails as references.

If you are unable to give two provider references I do have alternate screening methods.

I am available 24/7.


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