Sol Finer

Sol Finer


Thank you for taking a closer look….

As a relatively recent transplant to the area, I am excited to explore and make new friends. Initially, I moved here to work on my PhD. However, I realized it was more interesting to pursue my education in other areas… These explorations have proven to be a tremendously gratifying experience.

We all have busy lives but it is important to take some time to slow down, relax, and indulge in some hedonistic play. And time with me is most definitely an indulgence! Over the last couple of years I have reveled in finding my inner libertine – I’d love to meet yours!!

I pride myself on making every interaction authentic and memorable. Discretion is paramount. The hours we spend together will tantalize, excite, and become cherished memories. Let’s get to know each other! Life is too short not to enjoy every moment!!  Your sensual scintillating sybarite awaits…. xo – Sol


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