Penelope Querida

Penelope Querida

Phone: (206)227-2532

I am told that I am captivating. I have a crown of auburn waves and dark green eyes, and the features of my face give me an air of eastern European descent though I am from the Emerald City of Seattle. Dare I say I’m something of a beauty, with an athletic-yet-feminine look, and a taut body that shows years of devotion to a variety of athletic adventures including surfing, kickboxing, yoga, and dance. I’m no runway model, but standing at 5’8, I carry myself with grace and elegance and wear my body very well.

On the inside, I’m an enigmatic combination of intelligence, nerdiness, wit, and down-to-earth playfulness. I’ve always been a high achiever, and multiple areas of expertise in a dual career path has helped me build an experience that you will walk into enraptured and leave walking on air.

Lovingly yours,
Penelope xo


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