Krista Knight

Krista Knight

Phone: (206)745-8827

Im a naturally redhead siren sure to spark your interest with my natural beauty and vivacious personality

Im very fortunate to posses a rare and unique beauty. Everything about me is natural, from my luxurious rose gold hair that cascades over my delicate shoulders in long layers, framing my beautiful face, and highlighting my unique features. Fortune has blessed me with freckled high cheekbones, soft, full luscious lips, and bright hypnotizing green eyes. Im also blessed with an amazing tight and toned physique, perky breasts, round rear, and sensuous feminine curves all wrapped in porcelain skin that is astonishingly silky soft and tattoo free.

In addition to my natural beauty, you will find that I am intelligent person with a passion for learning and discovering new things.  I have a curious mind and am always eager to learn more. You will discover that I compassionate, loquacious, and energetic. My bubbly personality, charm and amazing sense of humor will have you entertained and intrigued. I guarantee that you’ve never met anybody else like me. You will soon see that I am truly one of a kind.

I am very much a people person and I genuinely enjoy meeting new friends.
My friendly and charming personality will put you at ease. Im confident in my own skin and am always genuine, so you can be entirely at ease around me.

You will find that Im attentive to your desires, and I’ll seduce you with my unbridled passion. I will try my best to cater to your individual wants and needs. I won’t rush through the time we spend together, I am in no hurry and relish the opportunity to fully relax and enjoy each others company. When we are together, you will experience my genuine affection, intense passion and complete attention.

You deserve some pampering and I can give it to you. Treat yourself… you will be ecstatic you did!



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