Fabiana Camila

Fabiana Camila

Email: la.bella.fabiana.camila@gmail.com

Hey Everyone!


I am Colombian, and Mexican, and I go by Fabiana Camila. If you can believe it or not, I am


a self proclaimed nerd! Lol. I love to read, and all things that are nerd! I am slightly shy initially, but peel


my layers away, and I’m yours! Make me laugh, and smile, and I am all yours! Also, if you


like the ladies as much as I do, we’ll be best friends in no time! Lol.


You can expect to meet me at my best. Dolled up to your desire, in a great state of mind, drama free,


with the only thing on my mind is us, and for you to have to best experience… You will experience the


passion of a Latina, it will felt though our entire being. We’ll lose time when together, be free, and reach our


point of desire. I  just wanna be yours, please, make me yours.


There is a mandatory screening process which is simple and confidental. Please be ready to be screened


before we see one another. It is for our saftey, and that we may comfortably enjoy one another.


500 HR / 1000 2HRS / 1300  3HRS


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