Alice Carroll

Alice Carroll


Extensively reviewed on multiple hobby boards in the Pacific Northwest, my practice has over seven years of development accompanied with an immaculate reputation.


My gift is a real human connection that will balance your energetic well-being, fill you with life otherwise thought lost, and leave you with a peaceful smile to take and keep for all your days on end.


My NEW DOWNTOWN studio facilities are top-notch, premier spa-like accommodations that take discretion, health, safety, and sanitation to new heights.  No stone is left unturned for your safety and comfort, both in and out of my presence; and this includes my digital communications security and protocol, which are designed to keep your most personal endeavors confidential.


I practice an ongoing education in the tantric arts and use reiki and chakra-based energetics as the foundation of my exercises.  It would be a rare find, indeed, to encounter anyone who is more in-tune with your presence and state-of-being.


One of the natural factors that contribute to this is the fact that I am deaf, and, thus, from a very young age, was confronted with the need to find alternative ways to understand and communicate with others.  I have done so through the delicate nuances of the body and slight gestures that might otherwise go unnoticed.


My hearing (or lack thereof) need not be of worry in any way, shape, or form, as I am an expert lip-readerso long as I can see your face, I can understand your speech fully and completely.  Of course, for those who know ASL (American Sign Language), that is always an option as well.


So, have a look around my website (link below) to familiarize yourself with my practice and get to know me personally.  Do not hesitate to contact me for any respectful reason at all, as I am very attentive to incoming email.


I hope you enjoy what you see, and I look forward to meeting you in the future, hopefully soon!


All my love,


Alice Carroll